Combat hordes of enemies without moving


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Retry is a rather peculiar arcade game where you control a spaceship in the middle of the screen, shooting enemies coming at you from all directions.

One of the most surprising things about Retry is that you don't have a fire button. Instead, the spaceship fires automatically as you aim at enemies. This means that if you carelessly move your focus around, you're probably going to miss.

Because of this shooting system, you need to concentrate on control and accuracy. More than a couple of missed shots, and you'll find yourself swamped by enemy ships, ending the game.

Your enemies will come in waves, and you'll be told each time one is over and a new one starts. Each new wave will incorporate more and more difficult enemies, beginning with normal ones, then some moving in circles, some turning invisible, and so on.

Retry is an arcade game with a very interesting twist, plus fun gameplay and outstanding graphics.
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